About us


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Ewelina is the director and co-founder of ZEA Skincare. She graduated from Formula Botanica - The Organic Cosmetic Science School in May 2020 and she is certified organic skincare formulator but the love for natural ingredients started much earlier. Ewelina is passionate about everything she does and she wants to share this passion and her skincare creations with others. She believes that          a holistic approach is the key to happy and healthy skin - Ewelina is currently enrolled in Edinburgh College studying Wellness Therapies. She is a mum of        a very active 5 year old and she runs another successful business. In her spare time she likes to read good books, cook good food and spend time with her family.


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Zbigniew is the director and co-founder of ZEA Skincare. He is mainly responsible for the marketing and logistic side of the company but he also helps to develop new products and he's always full of ideas. Zbigniew supported Ewelina in her dream of becoming a skincare formulator and her interest in healthy and holistic lifestyle has inspired him to change his way of living. He is a father of a 5 year old and he likes to spend his spare time actively - walking, hiking, exercising .He is an  amazing cook (Ewelina admits he's better than she is!) with a very positive attitude to life.