Useful books, websites and more.

This week I want to share with you where I am getting the inspiration for formulating skincare products and all of the important information. You will find here the books, websites and various online courses I have used in the past and to which I come back very often.😀

Also I should mention that nobody paid me for this article😉 I think we all should share great findings with each other, especially when it comes to natural beauty.



Call me old fashioned but I like traditional, printed books more than e-books. It is more convenient for me to have physical book where I can write my thoughts. I encourage you to find what works best for you. All books listed here are not in particular order, but I use them the most I have to say.

This book explains everything about carrier oils, butters and also a bit about essential oils.

The book explains in details all the cosmetic ingredients and their functions.


Great book! Really recommend it to everyone😄


I love all the recipes here and how you can make different cosmetics from the scratch.


Very well written using easy to understand language (sometimes books can be putting off if there's too much scientific jargon). You get a 28 days diet plan to make your skin look and feel healthier.


I am actually in love with this book! It is so beautiful 🥰 and full of excellent advice. If you like pretty and resourceful books this one is definitely for you!


Another interesting book and funny too. It's kept in light tone - easy read packed in great, interesting info!



I use so many websites it would be impossible to list all of them here😁 Again they are not in particular order, I use them most of the time.

I buy the ingredients from websites above. They have recipes and lots of useful information too if you want to try making your lovely skincare products🥰


You can access free online courses and free guides to download from most of above websites. There are paid, more advanced courses but they are worth every penny!

On each website you will find interesting articles, useful tips and more😊


Facebook groups

All websites mentioned above have Facebook groups where people are helping each other with homemade formulating. I love this online community and everyone who shares their knowledge and experience with others. There is so much kindness there and a lot of advice - I am sure you won't feel left out there and with unanswered question 🤗


Please share your favourite books or websites here or on our Facebook page


Next Monday I share with you a recipe for fluffy whipped body butter❤️😍

Cocoa butter will be our butter of the week. I will post the ingredients before the weekend xx

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