Skincare and menstrual cycle - a short guide by ZEA Skincare

I don't know about you but I can clearly feel the difference during each phase of my menstrual cycle. I mean it's not just what visibly happening with my skin (spots, dryness or beautiful glow) but also what is going on inside my body and mind. If you practice mindfulness you know what I'm talking about 😄 I will try to give you some useful tips about skincare and self-care in general for each phase that I use myself and find really helpful.

Phase 1 - Menstruation

For most of us women menstruation is a very difficult time. I don't feel like myself during my period - everything is aching, I'm easily irritated and quite emotional. I would literary just hide under my blanket and wait for it to pass 😔 Unfortunately life doesn't stop and we need to somehow function. My first advice is: HUG YOURSELF - physically and mentally. Be kind to yourself and slow down if you can - I know some of us have very demanding jobs or lifestyle and it's not always possible to just leave everything. But there are things that can make you feel a little better:

❤️concentrate on what you need - it might be a hot chocolate, a quiet evening, a nice walk or movie at home with you loved ones. Listen to your inner self!

❤️treat yourself with something you want but not necessarily need - a cheeky takeaway, a new handbag or pair of shoes  😉

Because our energy levels are at the lowest try not to schedule important meetings or too much work during this phase. It is our 'cleansing time' when we can fully let go off everything that is not good for us - release anger, resentment, envy or any other negative emotions. Cry if you feel the need!

Hormones are responsible for most of the symptoms we experience. Estrogen and progesterone levels are low which affect our skin. Skin becomes very sensitive and dry. Look for soothing and hydrating ingredients such as Allantoin, Vitamin B5, Rose Water and Glycerin. All of this ingredients can be found in our Pink Fluff Rose Face Cream. It is also important to provide good lipids for the skin such as polyunsaturated fatty acids which strengthen the skin's Lipid Barrier. Our Superfruit Serum is fully packed in Essential Fatty Acids that keep your skin healthy! It is better to avoid strong cosmetic treatments (chemical peels, retinol, etc.) as skin is already compromised.

Phase 2 - Follicular phase

Everything seems better right after period has finished, doesn't it? I still sometimes feel tired but I'm not as emotional as during menstruation. This phase helps us to gain our strength back and is a preparation phase for ovulation. Estrogen levels are slowly going up and I begin to notice it firstly in a change to my mood 😁 I'm happier, more positive and optimistic. My advice is: BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. Your body is going through this amazing transformation and cleansing part is over!

❤️listen to your body - if you have the energy to do something, go for it! If you still feel tired and emotional - give yourself more time to catch the wind. Everyone's different!

My skin also begin to look slightly better. Depending on your skin type it still could be a little drier than usual, it might look tired too. I give my skin a good boost of hydration and nourishment with ZEA Skin Rescue Kit. In this set you receive a beautiful white jade face roller - it can be used for a gentle massage to wake the skin up by increasing micro-circulation and reducing any stagnant lymph.

Phase 3 - Ovulation

This is it ladies - our best time of the month has finally arrived!🥰 While I appreciate that some of us might experience some symptoms such as bloating, cramps or headaches, our bodies are at their best. The estrogen and energy levels are their highest and we feel like we can do anything! This is a great time for any demanding or difficult tasks and meetings, big projects and planning ahead. I like to review my Vision Board during this phase as I feel I'm the most creative and not afraid of thinking big 🙃 My advice is: BE UNSTOPPABLE! Enjoy this time and how glowing and beautiful you look.

Skin for most of us look plump, soft and with no breakouts. This is the best time to try new skincare products, have a facial or some stronger beauty treatments. Our Ultimate ZEA Skincare Bundle is the perfect option if you want to try all three products at the lowest price - it is 10% cheaper than each product bought separately. Set also includes Eco-Bamboo Face Cloth and White Jade Face Roller.

Phase 4 - Luteal phase

After ovulation is a steep ride downhill - hormones start to fluctuate and we all can definitely feel that the change is coming. This phase prepares us for menstruation - it is time to slow down and chill. I'm usually still bursting with energy up until my first day of period,but some months I really feel the need of taking everything one step at a time. My advice is: RELAX! As during the folicullar phase every day can be different and if you have the energy for something - do it. But if you don't - it's ok, you'll do tomorrow. Listen what your body tells you - it is the best way to navigate through the changes.

I notice a massive difference in my skin condition - it gets more shiny and oily as sebum production increases due to hormonal fluctuations. Spots and blackheads appear and skin starts to look a little tired. I always make sure that I wash my face twice a day with an oil cleanser first - I use Papaya Oil to Milk Cleanser which helps to remove excess sebum and impurities. Papaya oil has a delicate exfoliating action due to papain presence. Ylang-ylang helps to calm down overworking sebaceous glands and mind 😅

Hope this short article inspired you to take a closer look at yourself and your body during different phases of your menstrual cycle. Please let me know in comments your ideas of dealing with any difficulties you face - author of the cutest idea will receive a free video consultation with me on skincare and face massage 😃 Cannot wait to hear from you!😘

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