Sensitive skin - a marketing trick?

I think I will cause some controversy with this post but I really want to hear other people and their opinion on this matter.


Is the term SENSITIVE SKIN being overused by skincare brands?


Sensitive skin is not a symptom of just one condition - it is actually quite vast group of different skin conditions that make your skin react to cosmetics, household products such us fabric conditioner and much, much more.


Do you feel sometimes that it is about marketing and sales than actual helping people?


How come some brands can call their products "Suitable for sensitive skin" yet the ingredients list reveals an ugly truth?


I would not be starting this discussion if I did not have personal experience with sensitive skin and my daily struggles with it.

I used to suffer from really sensitive skin - I mean REALLY sensitive. Every time I used a face wash or a face cream or serum (does not really matter) I had this burning sensation all over my face. The next thing were red, flaky and dry patches of skin all over my face. My confidence and my self-esteem were not great because of this. There were brands for sensitive skin especially - expensive ones and cheap ones but price was not relevant here - I just wanted something that works for me.


Then I switched to simple, natural products that did not make bold claims ( and I am not talking about my brand - that idea came out much later). Apart from that I also changed my whole lifestyle - healthy eating, yoga, exercising, making time for myself. Suddenly my skin was not sensitive anymore. It is not perfect but I do not have dry, red patches all over my face or this stinging feeling every time I use a face cream.


What I am trying to say is that you have be very careful about what you feed your skin with from the outside and from the inside.

Making some simple changes to your lifestyle can be so beneficial you won't have to spend fortune on products that will not work.

I know and I understand that this may not apply to everyone and some skin conditions are really severe but I am sure if you switch to natural products - skincare, organic food, etc. you will too see the difference.

It is all about treating the cause of the problem, not masking the symptoms - I feel that some brands do just that and use "sensitive skin" slogan as a marketing bait for people.


I would love hear from you about this!


Do you agree with me? Do you think I am wrong?


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