Raspberry seed oil - benefits and more.

We're staying in the circle of oils from tiny seeds 😆 Raspberry seed oil is another great example of oil fully packed in vitamins. It is also used as a natural sunscreen.


Raspberry seed oil is obtained from dried raspberry seeds (Rubus Idaeus) by cold pressing. It can be organic/unrefined and refined (use organic where possible because refined oils have almost all of the goodness - vitamins and minerals removed).


Sometimes you can find raspberry seed oil enriched with vitamin E - apart from obvious benefits for skin vitamin E acts here as an antioxidant - raspberry seed oil is rich in highly unsaturated fatty acids (that's what makes it penetrate your skin very quickly) and vitamin E prolongs the shelf life of such oils keeping them from going rancid.Even without added vitamin E raspberry seed oil has quite long shelf life compared to other oils high in unsaturated fatty acids because it's rich in antioxidants.


Interesting facts:

❤️ raspberry seed oil is one of the ingredients in our Superfruit Serum - Antioxidant Boost and Rose Face Cream - Pink Fluff

❤️ oil has a light scent of raspberries - it is sort of earthy, green-ish, faint scent but it definitely stands out from the other oils

❤️ the colour can very from golden to slightly green, I find it really beautiful and again it is different from other oils - I see the difference when comparing it with jojoba oil for example

❤️ it is super rich in Linoleic acid (Omega 6) and Alpha-Linolenic acid (Omega 3) - essential fatty acids (EFAs) that help with every skin problem - when skin lacks these EFAs it can become prone to breakouts and spots, conditions such as acne, psoriasis can aggravate.

❤️ it is called a 'dry' oil - it sinks into skin really quickly leaving it deeply nourished and very soft and there's no oily residue on the skin left

❤️ it has very high content of vitamin E and provitamin A - both excellent antioxidants that fight free radicals and ultimately skin's ageing processes and wrinkles

❤️ studies are being carried out in regards to oil's ability to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays - some claiming that undiluted raspberry seed oil has SPF 50

❤️ oil is suitable for any skin type thanks to its EFAs and antioxidants content

❤️ EFAs help to deliver vitamins into the deeper skin layers - because they penetrate the skin easily and deeply and 'don't sit' on top of it


Fatty acids

  • Linoleic acid ( known as Omega 6 or Vitamin F )

Has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, helps to lock the moisture in the skin, has soothing and healing characteristics. Superb choice for sensitive skin🥰

  • Alpha - linolenic acid (Omega 3)

Enhancing skin's overall appearance, human's body doesn't synthesize this essential fatty acid.

The above two fatty acids are not synthesized by our body, yet they are essential for maintaining good skin's health and appearance. Lack of them can make your skin prone to breakouts, irritation and even certain types of dermatitis. If you want to repair your skin and gain back a healthy, glowing look you must include Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your skincare routine and in your diet - remember that you should care about your skin from the inside too.

  • Oleic acid ( also known as Omega 9)

Helps to maintain softness of the skin and hair, has anti-ageing and antioxidant properties - both very desirable, especially after you turn 30😉

  • Palmitic acid

The most common saturated fatty acid, it has emollient characteristics, makes hair softer and doesn't leave oily residue

  • Stearic acid

Helps to soften the skin and protect the hair from damage, and has cleansing properties.


Raspberry and shea cream ❤️

The easiest recipe ever!😃

In the first picture we have shea butter. On the second one I soften the butter with spatula - you want an uniform consistency, no lumps .On the last picture you can see ready cream - I mixed the butter with raspberry seed oil and vitamin E.

You can swap shea butter for any other soft butter if the scent isn't for you - unrefined shea butter has quite a strong smell but I love it!🧡

The cream isn't greasy because raspberry seed oil is a 'dry' oil and it blends beautifully with richer shea butter. Try using it on wet skin right after the shower - cream will penetrate it even deeper and will leave it smooth and soft.


Happy cream-blending!❤️🧡💛

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