Is your morning full of miracles?

How do you feel right after you open your eyes in the morning? Are you excited for a new day? Are you dreading it because you have a lot work to do? Are you happy? Are you tired? Are you scared? Take your time and think about it for a few minutes. I'll tell you how I usually felt and what I changed to feel the best I can🥰 and how your skin can benefit from it too! Remember: happy you - happy skin!


I woke up one day with extreme fear and I mean it - it was a full body experienced fear. What I was afraid of? I had no idea! My day was just a typical day, nothing different, nothing new, nothing I didn't know and yet the fear in me was causing my stomach twisting and my head pounding. When I looked at myself in the mirror all I could see was: tired-looking skin with spots and overproduction of sebum. I've experienced this for some time and it was making me really exhausted. The worst part was I didn't know why I felt this way! I started digging: internet, books, doctor's appointment and finally I found the reason: STRESS. Stress made me feel like something bad was about to happen to me. Once I knew what it was I could finally stop it!

I wrote more about how stress has a direct effect on our skin here if you want to have a look.

How did I manage to overcome this monster? With various relaxation techniques: meditation, affirmations, aromatherapy and yoga. It was hard at the beginning to find the time for this - I had maybe 10 minutes here, then 10 minutes there and honestly it was stressing me more because I didn't have time! When I was browsing on Amazon, looking for books to give me some kind of inspiration I found this one: 'The Miracle Morning' by Hal Elrod. I bought it and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! This book has changed my life, me and my skin (surprise, surprise!😉)

Reading this book was an eye-opener and I do recommend it to anyone who is struggling with anything from stress to low self esteem to unexplained fear and more. It will teach you how to make every day of your life better, more beautiful and fulfilled.❤️

After I read 'Miracle morning' I knew how I could make time for myself - as suggested in the book I set my alarm for 5:45am (about 30 minutes before my usual waking up time) and I decided that I'm fully committed to this! You will feel this way too😁 The book is written so beautifully and it instantly inspired me.

How am I doing now? I'm at the 30 days mark and I love it! Now I wake up at 5:15am or 5:30am during weekends.💪 My skin loves it too!🥰 I have the skin condition called Seborrheic dermatitis and I would have a flare ups everyday on my face but since I implemented the advice from 'The Miracle Morning' I can tell you that my face has never been clearer😄 Stress can aggravate any inflammatory skin condition and I'm sure it was exactly what happened with my skin before - due to stress, overworking myself and worrying about everything my skin was in a really bad shape.

Other benefits I see since I started my miracle mornings:

  • clearer thinking, sharper mind, not overthinking problems, it became easier to find a solution to any problem

  • feeling of empowerment and huge confidence boost (that's also because my skin looks better)

  • my overall health got better, no more headaches or back problems

What do I actually do? Whatever I feel like doing!😃 I'm writing this post for instance! I like yoga and some cardio exercises and I do my meditation daily. Sometimes I reflect on previous day, another time I read a book. There are countless possibilities - do what you like, what makes you feel good and you will notice the difference after first week .❤️

I really recommend 'Miracle Morning' to everyone - it can and will change you and your life🥰

If you have a book that has changed your life please share it with all of us.

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