Cocoa butter - chocolate for your skin.

I just LOVE cocoa butter! When I open the jar the chocolaty smell is so strong and gorgeous it fills the whole room🥰 This is not the only great thing about cocoa butter - it is exceptionally good for your skin - after the first use your skin is silky soft and you smell like a bar of chocolate😍 🍫 🤎 Mayans and Aztecs 3000 years ago used it for medicinal, beauty, consumption purposes and even as a currency💰

Cocoa butter (Theobroma cacao) comes from cocoa beans - beans are first roasted, their hulls are removed and then cocoa nibs are pressed - cocoa butter separates out from non-fat part.

Some interesting facts:

🤎 it is absolutely edible - it will melt in your mouth

🤎 it is very hard in room temperature but melts fairly easy in contact with the skin

🤎 has divine smell ( I had to write it again 😁 )

🤎 it is an occlusive ingredient - it forms a physical barrier on the skin which helps keep the moisture in

🤎 it is very commonly used during pregnancy - it helps with stretch marks

🤎 it feels very rich and luxurious on the skin, doesn't sink in quickly

Fatty acids

  • Stearic acid

Helps to soften the skin and protect the hair form damage.


  • Palmitic acid

The most common saturated fatty acid, it has emollient characteristics.


Due to the high percentage of saturated fatty acids: stearic acid and palmitic acid, cocoa butter is very hard.

  • Oleic acid ( also known as Omega 9)

Helps to maintain softness of the skin and hair, has anti-ageing and antioxidant properties - both very desirable, especially after you turn 30😉


  • Linoleic acid ( known as Omega 6 or Vitamin F )

Has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, helps to lock the moisture in the skin, has soothing and healing characteristics.


Cocoa butter has a trace amount of arachidic acid, palmitoleic acid and others.




Cocoa butter is a source of phytochemicals - plant compounds that can protect from UV rays which cause skin ageing.


Formula for chocolaty whipped body butter😍😍😍


I think this is my favourite so far!

This is to make a 100g batch.

It takes few hours for body butter to set completely. Remember to whip it from time to time to get as much air in it as possible. I used a stick blender and the results were fantastic!🤩 Keep it away from sources of heat and direct sunlight - if it melts it will lose the whipped consistency. We added vitamin E to prolong the shelf life and for cosmeceutical purpose - vitamin E is an antioxidant. This body butter can be stored safely for 6 months.


I experimented a little and made one batch following our recipe and another one where I decreased the amount of apricot kernel oil to 14,5g and added 10g each of shea butter and cocoa butter. The consistency is a lot heavier and I will use this one as a foot moisturiser rather than body butter😉 so you get here 2 products really that are based on the same recipe. I encourage you as always to experiment as well! You can use different oil (jojoba, sunflower, grapeseed), you can increase the amount of the liquid oil and make a body lotion/milk - there are countless possibilities and that is why I love to make my own skincare products💞

Our body butter feels very rich on the skin and smells like heaven! You can smell the coconut as well!🥥🥥🥥


Hope you will enjoy making your own body butter - please share your creations with us here or on our Facebook page. Remember to share this article with your friends!


Here are mine body butters - the one on the left is fluffier then the other one. Both smell and feel lush on your skin ✨✨✨

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